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How To Get Prizes In NBA 2K21 MyTeam Seasons

NBA 2K21 introduces MyTeam Seasons. Along with this new mode comes a new prizing system. Here is what you need to know about MyTeam Seasons rewards. Each season will have new Vault rewards for the Triple Threat mode. This mode is also getting Cumulative Win rewards. The first season will set the wins cap to 300. When you get the max number of wins, you get the season one Triple Threat prize which is a diamond card.

More wins will count towards your vault rewards. The win cap will increase with the coming of a new season. This new system encourages players to keep playing Triple Threat. They will get relevant rewards all year long. The old system gave players one awesome card, but the trouble was that the card wasn’t good enough to use for the entire season. This way, players are getting more rewards that they can use before they become less relevant.

Players get rewarded accordingly for the effort and time they put into the game. Triple Threat online will have new boards for each season. The drops have been increased from last year. You will have the chance to get some awesome rewards once in a while. Players will also find it easier to see which is the best prize. Triple Threat online will welcome players with a screen that shows the best prizes for each board tier. You will literally keep your eyes on the prize.

Seasons give players the opportunity to get prizes for the new MyTeam Limited. The old MyTeam Unlimited is not left out either. This mode has received a major overhaul for NBA 2K21. The Exchange comes with new combinations. Each season will bring something new for the exchange. Another new concept is the dynamic domination seasonal update. This is something that has never been done before in the NBA 2K series.

Domination has new tiers. There won’t be a new tier for each season but there will be plenty new tier releases for the duration of the NBA 2K21 season. The rewards for these tiers will be awesome. The reward market is getting new cards each season. This will provide a steady supply of new content to the game.

The grand reward for season one is pink diamond Steph Curry. This is a 96 OVR card. Players obtain it at level 40 by completing seasonal agendas. Each level comes with a prize so you get rewards every step of the way.

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