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5 Mobile Trends You Should Jump on in 2021

As a business owner or someone living in a digital age, you need to keep yourself updated on various mobile trends because they will affect your business and way of life to a large extent.

Apply these trends to your business and you will experience geometric growth.

  1.       Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is one of the mobile trends that is being used by many business persons and it has helped marketers and software developers to gather more information about their users.It can also be used to create adverts for your target audience. Examples of AIs are; Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. AI is a mobile trend that should be employed bymobile virtual network operators.

  1.       Location-based Technology

You need to know that your tablets andsmartphones track your location, mobile apps also do this with your permission. You will notice that while installing new apps you are requested to grant access to the location and you might not have optimal access to the app if you don’t. The information gathered is shared with third parties to enhance the marketing campaigns of these companies. If business owners know your location they will be able to send you targeted ads.

  1.       Augmented Reality

Augmented reality modifies something real, this mobile trend is employed by Snapchat and recently byInstagram. Pokémon Goa popular video games also use this, the game was downloaded 800 million times, with over 5 million daily active users and the company made a total of $1.2 million as revenue. More businesses have started to make use of this mobile trend to enhance their services because of the huge success recorded by companies already using it.

  1.       Syncing Wearable Technology with Mobile Devices

This technology has become popular over time. Some wearable technology with mobile devices includes; fitness bracelets, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, and glasses. These devices can also be paired with mobile apps.Fitbit is an example of wearable technology that can be synced, it can track the movement of its user through an application. With this device users can check their heart rate, distance walked and many other things. This can be synchronized with mobile devices and can be used socially by different people to compare their progress in a form of contest. This device is popular because of its flexibility and its ability to be connected with mobile devices.

  1.       Mobile Apps Syncing with Homes

Various mobile apps are being developed to improve the experiences of consumers within their homes. Some businesses sync home appliances with applications. Home air conditioning and heating can be synced with an app to control temperatures whether onehome or not.Home security has been designed to function this way, some applications have video cameras synced with the doorbell, this way you will see the person at the front of the door when the bell rings.


These mobile trends are some of the modern age technological developments created to make humans more productive.