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Buying new shoes

Every once in a while, we want a new pair of shoes. Maybe it is because the old ones are filthy and broken and maybe it is just because you want something new. When we want a new pair of shoes. What we usually do is go to a shoe store to buy a pair. Sometimes we order online, but either way we buy a pair that is brand new. It is important that your shoes are of good quality, especially since we wear them every day. But, there is another way to make your shoes look like new, without having to buy some new shoes. This way you will save a lot of money. But no only that, you will also save the environment. This article will explain how you can walk on new shoes again, without actually having to buy new shoes. 


The secret behind all this is shoe paint. Maybe you don’t know about this yet, but it is getting more and more popular. Shoe paint is meant to paint leather shoes with. You can paint all kinds of leather, except suede. This paint is available in every color you can think of, even glitter. When it happens that you can’t find your color, it is possible to mix some other colors to create the perfect one for you. You can personalize your shoes in whatever color you want or choose for a plain color. No matter what you choose, after treating your leather shoes with Angelus leather paint your shoes will look like new. 


When applying the paint, it is important to apply it in a few small layers. Small layers work better than one thick layer. This way you will get the best results and the paint will stay on. When you use a thick layer, chances are that the paint will get loose.