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Reinvent your shoes!


Have you ever looked at your shoes and thought: ‘’man, I’ve been wearing the same boring shoes for over a year now’’ but don’t have the funding for good looking new shoes? Well today is the day you can break the cycle of being forced to wear those boring shoes again. And no, I’m not saying that you have to buy the first pair of affordable shoes that you can see. I’m talking about buying angelus leather paint and completely reinventing your old pair with a bright, flashing colour!

Shoe paint is becoming more popular every day and with more than 150 different colours it’s easily done and very fun to do! And if the colour you want a colour we don’t offer you can always combine multiple colours to get the colour you want after all! The best way to apply this special shoe paint is to first thoroughly clean your shoes. Make sure not a single spot is on them before applying this delicate form of paint. Because if you don’t, the paint will not stick on your shoes well and your shoe will end up looking way worse than boring. If you need any tips on how to apply this paint I would recommend that you visit our website. On there you can find a lot of supplies that might actually help you with the cleaning process. Like a cleaning brush with Angelus’s logo, microfiber towels, de-salter and other really useful items which are used for cleaning. Cleaning leather might not be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but don’t underestimate it. Like I said before in this text, you need to completely clean your shoes in order for the paint to apply. Otherwise your shoes will end up looking terrible and there’s no reversing that! Contact us for more information through e-mail or give us a call!