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Madden NFL 21:  The Best Players In Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 21 is finally here, so it is the perfect time to do a lot of lists of the best players inside the game. This article will list the best players in Franchise Mode. If you are asking, “With how should I play in Franchise Mode?” With the next list, you may find the answer.


Patrick Mahomes (99 OVR)

Mahomes’ best rating are his 97 Throw Under Pressure, 97 Throw Accuracy Short, 95 Throw Accuracy Medium, and 97 Throw on the Run. For this and more is whyMahomes was the cover in Madden 20. Thanks to him, the Kansas City Chiefs achieved the Lombardi Trophy. Now is reclaiming the Super Bowl MVP.


Aaron Donald (99 OVR)

Donald’s best Madden 21 ratings are his 99 Strength, 99 Power Moves, 97 Finesse Moves, and 97 Block Shedding. That is why he is one of the best choices in defensive positions. For the Los Angeles Rams, he had made 34 sacks and 92 QB hits in the last three years.


Christian McCaffrey (99 OVR)

McCaffrey’s best attributes are his 98 Carrying, 96 Change of Direction, 96 BC Vision, 96 Juke Moves, and 97 Agility. For the Carolina Panthers, he finished 2019 with 100+ catches, 1,000+ yards both rushing and receiving, and 19 touchdowns. That is why despite he is not the fastest or the strongest, he is part of the 99 club.


Stephon Gilmore (99 OVR)

Gilmore’s best ratings are his 99 Man Coverage, 98 Play Recognition, and 99 Press. The elite receiver of the New England Patriots was the Defensive Player of the Year last season. Just for that, it’s obvious why he’s part of the 99 club.


Michael Thomas (99 OVR)

Thomas’ best ratings are 99 Catching, 99 Short Route Running, 98 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, 98 Medium Route Running, and 98 Release. The New Orleans Saints receiver is not the fastest but is the strongest. He ended the last season with 149 catches (a new NFL record) and 1,725 yards.

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