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5 Essential SMM Books for Business

 social media marketing books

Looking for books on SMM marketing but not sure which one to choose? There is a lot of literature on the internet with mixed reviews and you don’t want to waste time on useless outdated guides?

We have selected for you the TOP-5 books on SMM, which we have read and applied ourselves in working with our accounts. In this collection you will learn how to earn money on social networks.

Here are collected books that have received many positive reviews from entrepreneurs and SMM specialists and remain the best in their subject.

This ebook is a comprehensive look at how to go from Instagram novice to Instagram expert or entrepreneur.

In 3 years I have gained more than 10 million Instagram followers for myself and my clients. I represent full-time clients. They are giants in the industry who run their own companies. The company’s monthly income is in excess of $ 500,000, and by attracting tens of thousands of target followers every day, it actually helps them grow the business through social media.

What I cover in this ebook:

Decide which brand you want to launch on Instagram

Make an action plan for 12 months

How to increase loyalty to 100,000 followers

How to monetize the following and use your account as leverage

Learn the ENTIRE Instagram algorithm!

What the book is about: About the fact that only the result counts, and high-quality SMM is money.

Quote: “I am quite asleep, but I am still sure whether I had anything during the night or not. And no one will prove to me that in fact I have a lot and often have something, but I just can’t notice or understand it. “

Nothing is stronger than the truth, direct and hard. Dan Kennedy is a specialist in it. The author calls freeloaders and idlers SMM managers who don’t make a profit. Criticizes performance metrics in terms of engagement, reach, and virality. Cites statistics: 75% of marketers don’t know how to measure the results of their work on social media. And asks: work smarter, not harder.

If SMM marketing isn’t making you money, get the book faster. This is not just a step-by-step instruction for every stage of working in social networks, this is a book about doing business in social networks.

The author builds sales funnels into a multimedia bundle by referencing emails, online videos, radio, TV and newspaper ads. And in the beginning he asks you to pay attention to positioning, slogan, USP (unique selling proposition) and a portrait of your target group.

In the book you will find many examples, screenshots, tips, instructions. One of the coolest things is tweeting recommendations as short summaries of key points.

What will you learn:

how to measure results, not by likes, but by conversions;

how to set up a sales funnel in a multimedia bundle;

how to turn indifferent users into customers;

how to analyze the results of a marketing campaign.

What the book is about: the best marketing is never difficult.

Quote: “The best topic is easier than you think. Resist the urge to complicate things. ‘

If Dan Kennedy’s book is about money and discipline, Andy Cernovitz’s book is about love and trust. The author advises making customers happy by adhering to the philosophy of honesty and ethics. Warns: Combining love with money is a bad idea.

The book provides a kick of thought and a systematic approach to word of mouth. We know it has to be simple, visible and unpretentious. The author provides recommendations on how to do this. Who, what, how should it tell and how to check it.

There are many examples in the book, both for copying and for inspiration. This is not a practical guide, but provides a foundation for modeling your ideas.

What will you learn:

how to turn word of mouth on and off;

how to find and maintain a good topic of conversation about your product / company;

how to find and keep in touch people who will talk about you;

what tools should be used to disseminate information;

how to track word of mouth.

What the book is about: how to quickly increase the flow of leads and sales.

Quote: “By coincidence I learned to sell before I learned marketing. I first discovered how to convert leads into real ones, and only then did I learn how to generate leads. ”

The book consists of three parts. To work with social networks you only need one – the first. In it, the author tells how to attract potential customers online with minimal cost, especially using SMM.

Chris Smith tied marketers in his book to sellers for one result and gave them a ‘conversion code’. In the book you can feel the seriousness and rigidity of the author. It allows you to compose yourself, to assess yourself critically and to rethink the working methods. Each page contains tips to improve your business.

What will you learn:

how to optimize content for social networks;

which lead magnets (valuable suggestions) to use;

how to display Facebook ads effectively;

which 4 Facebook ad formats to use;

how to attract customers through YouTube, Instagram and other social networks.

What the book is about: What makes content viral by getting people to talk about your products.

Quote: “If you’re trying to figure out why the name Olivia is more popular, conventional explanations such as quality, price, and advertising won’t help. This is not to say that one name is “better” than another; both are free, so the price difference doesn’t matter. There was also no advertising campaign convincing to name Olivia’s daughters, since the time of Pokemon it was not intended to make this name desirable … Then how can this be explained?

The second word of mouth book on our list. We keep looking for an answer to the question, “How can people talk about us?” And if Andy Cernovitz has an answer to the question “how”, then Yona Berger knows “why”. The author is a professor at the Wharton School of Business and this defines the scientific nature of facts and structure. At the same time, the book is very lively, easy to read and immediately captivating.

Yona gives us lessons on viral content based on real stories with such emotion that you can be on YouTube, watch a video and yes, send it to your friends in minutes. “Virality is not born, it is created,” says Berger.

The author deduced 6 principles of infectivity (remember, not intuitive, scientific) and revealed them all in detail. This is not quality, price or advertising, which we always focus on. Think about what people like to do in everyday life and check that your perspective matches the author’s research.

What will you learn:

what makes the content viral;

what emotions encourage people to share information;

how to create trending ideas and stereotypes;

what principles of virality to use.

And finally…

SMM is one of the cheapest and most converting internet marketing tools. Don’t think of it as a side channel of your online presence. It is a powerful sales and branding tool with manageable and predictable results. So, if you are not yet making money with social networks, study the materials from the list above.

By the way, SMM books are silent about a very effective content publishing schedule: 40-30-20-10:

40% – entertainment;

30% – sale;

20% – involved;

10% – teaching.

Thanks to this method, we have quadrupled the number of orders and registrations on Facebook in 6 months. Forward!

…..meer info kunt u hier vinden «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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