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Fashion and Clothing

Looking for a photographer in The Netherlands?

Then perhaps you should consider looking outside the Amsterdam area. After all, The Netherlands is more than Amsterdam or Holland. In the north eastern city of Zwolle, you will find the photographic studio of Vincent Hartman, called STUDIOVHF. The studio is specialised in commercial and advertising photography, product photography like clothing, furniture etc. as well as architecture and interiors.

Advertising photography

In advertising photography we work according to a script or moodboard te create exactly the images that a customer needs for the marketing communication. It is so called staged photography, not necessarily a capture of a real-live situation. We work a lot in the interiors and design environment and use professional models in modern offices or homes. We do this for manufacturers as well as retail organisations and small and medium sized businesses. We work on location in the greater Zwolle area as well as in the west and the south of The Netherlands. In rare occasions we also work abroad like in London or in Germany.

Clothing Photography

We also photograph clothing on models, both in the studio as on location. In the above photo we used a projection of an image of a retail interior on the studio wall. The whot is lit seperatly, but shot simultanously. Hence the natural out of focus feel of the background. No photoshop is used apart from the general post-processing edits.

We also photograph outdoor clothing, shirts and knitwear, workcloting and leisure clothing on dummy models for catalogues and webshops. We have a fixed infinitywall and a separate area for hair styling, make-up and changing clothes. The studio works according to the most recent colour management standards and is an active member of the Duth professional photographers association, DuPho. STUDIOVHF is also an accredited company for training young professionals in practice.

For more information pleae visit our site and please don’t hesitate to contact us!