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Investing Forex

Investing via Forex

Forex, sometimes also called FX for short, is for investors who aren’t afraid of taking a risk. It’s a fast-paced, always changing and exciting market. Compared to the stock market, investing in Forex is easier to understand for some people. You might have firsthand experience if you’ve ever traveled to a different country and exchanged money! In this article we’ll explain to you the ins- and outs of Forex trading, and what the easiest way to start is.

Forex; advantages and disadvantages

The use of currencies goes way back. We used to use meat, rocks and other things as currency, but these days we use paper and coins. The Forex, or foreign exchange market, is a market where you can invest in a currency. This Forex investing used to only be cut out for rich people, but these days anyone can invest in the Forex. Currencies don’t fluctuate nearly as much as other types of stocks. That has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage being that it is a very stable market, but the disadvantage is that you will need to invest a lot into the Forex for you to actually get a good return.

Getting to know one currency pair

To invest in the Forex, you’ll need to focus on one currency pair. Many beginners make the mistake of focusing on multiple pairs, but trust us; that will quickly get very confusing! Try to focus on one, and learn how both these currencies work together. The most popular currency on the Forex is the US dollar, but you can pair this currency with any other currency. There’s two ways to trade your currencies. You can either buy the base currency and sell the quote currency for a long position on the Forex, or you sell your base currency and buy the quote currency for a short position.