When it comes to hotels


A hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation, meals and other services to people who needs them. For example, tourists, travellers etc. Hotels differs according to the facilities available, service rendered and provided amenities.


When it comes to hotels, we can say that budget hotel is the least of them, this is because the services they render are very cheap and they are not built to serve luxury purposes.

The budget hotel is recommended for people whose budget cannot afford luxury and wishes to spend only little on accommodation expenses.


For comfort, fun and relaxation a luxury hotel is the ideal place. This is a place for individuals who are willing to spend money just to get what they want (comfort). These hotels have trained staff whose aim is to provide guests with whatever their needs are for the period of their stay and also make sure that they have a wonderful time. When you are in hotels like this, you are treated like a king.

Budget hotels offers:

Budget hotels are there to make sure that you have a place to stay that doesn’t break your budget. They provide you with basic facilities that you need during the period of your stay. When staying in a budget hotel you don’t expect luxury facilities but you get services like Laundry,pick and drop,facilities like minibar and a multi-cuisine room in some budget hotel.


Budget hotel room

In a budget hotel, the rooms are not designed or finished to serve luxury purposes; they are just rooms to serve accommodation needs. You find basic facilities like small bed, television, a table, a chair, telephone, lamp and few other facilities that are basic needs. Not like the luxury hotels where you have large rooms with facilities like a king size bed, flat screen TV, bathtubs, some with in-house gyms etc.

Baths in budget hotels

Most budget hotels don’t have Jacuzzi and bathtubs like the luxury hotels. In a budget hotel, the baths are usually not private or partially private at most they have half doors or transparent doors some are not even covered or spoilt doors due to poor maintenance. Most times it is not advisable to lodge in a budget hotel with a person who is not a family or a spouse.

The best budget hotels

We all go to budget hotels just to avoid much spending, but not being comfortable is not part of saving. Moxy hotel provides you with cheap a service that goes with your budget and at the same time giving you comfort. Moxy hotels are in Aberdeen, Frankfurt, Milan, London and Berlin. You can get the best out of a budget hotel in Moxy hotel.


What sounds better than spending less and getting the best you your money?