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Design resin flooring

When you are choosing a new floor for your home you should definitely consider resin flooring. The name speaks a bit for it self Therese type of flooring seems to flow because it’s layed in a seamless way. We recommend you to make a wishlist for you new flooring, you can also make a sketch or design your own floor online. Let us make a final design and you can decide if you choose resin flooring for your self.

Many people choose resin flooring for there home and there are some good reasons for that. Resin flooring is durable to say the least, your floor can last for decades. They are also easy to maintain, vacuuming and mopping the floor regularly is enough to maintain it.

Make a wishlist

When you have decided to buy a new floor ideas might be popping in your head. We recommend you to make a list of all your ideas and wishes. Write down what type of resin floor you might like and what kind of colors the floor should have.

Design your own floor

Nowadays it’s also possible to make your own design for your floor. You can do this by making a sketch and mailing it to your resin floor partner. If your not much of an artist you can also do this online with many freeware programs. You can also find us in France where the resin floor is called ‘Sole coule‘. 

Let us finish it

When we have your ideas and sketches our designer can start working on the final design. When you like the design your resin flooring is just a few steps away!