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If you’re looking for a trusted intermediary for trading Bitcoin, Bitladon is the partner for you. On their website you can see the stock market values of Bitcoin and great many other cryptocurrencies at all times. If you want to start investing in Bitcoin yourself and buy these coins, there is no easier way. Create a Bitladon account, deposit money in it, and start buying. Initially, your account will be limited to 100 euros’ worth of transactions a week. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin in excess of this amount, you can provide additional details to your Bitladon account and get verified. No matter how much Bitcoin you trade, this broker always guarantees you will receive a fair price. They ensure trust by providing full transparency on their overview page, listing all coins for trade at current prices.

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Once you buy Bitcoin, the currency will be deposited in your account for free. Have you spotted an increase in the price of your Bitcoin? That might be just the time to sell them for a tidy profit. Once you have sold your coins, Bitladon immediately transfers the money to your bank account. They charge a 2% transaction fee, which is always included in the stock market rate. In this way you know exactly how many Bitcoins or regular currency you will be receive at all times.

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Ready to get started with your cryptocurrency trading career? Create your account today and buy your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for a fair price at Bitladon. For enthusiastic traders eager to spread the word, Bitladon even offers a referral program. If you refer a friend or family member to them, you can earn cryptocurrency rewards from them! If you have any questions, you might find the answer on Bitladon’s FAQ page or in their online manuals. Go trade some coins today!