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Supporting tree planting companies that work in urban environments

Tree planting companies have to confront a variety of problematic situations when working in urban environments. Trees often have difficulties to fully develop in the circumstances in the city. To thrive and mature, tree planting companies have to come up with creative solutions. That is where Treebuilders comes in. They have been developing ways to create sufficient space for tree roots to grow and enjoy the water supplies they need to keep growing. Next to that, it is also important to think about the integrity of the city’s infrastructure such as roads and pavements. Roots can create problems in these cases and cause damage to urban facilities.

Providing a bioretention system

A great solution to these problems is a bioretention system. In these types of systems, the focus lies on providing plenty of water to the trees. This is done by creating the ideal environment to provide rainwater to the roots of these trees, even in urban environments. This bioretention system is implemented in the soil and often manufactured as such that the integrity of the concrete pavements and road remains untouched. This is merely one of the many creative solutions that Treebuilders can provide to tree planting companies. The underground bioretention system works on the basis of various techniques, such as absorption, evapotranspiration, interception and filtration. This can all be done without taking up costly space in a crowded environment.

Solving problems easily

Treebuilders stands with the challenges that tree planting companies have to face constantly in urban environments. Based on various experiences and thorough discussions, these solutions are tested in many different situations, making sure that tree planting companies can count on a high-quality application. Get in touch with the experienced employees of Treebuilders and profit from the many pieces of technology that they have developed for tree planting companies.