This company helps tree planting companies with the best solution


Do you live in the city and do you need more trees in your surrounding? Then just get in touch with tree planting companies. A company like Treebuilders has created a way for trees to grow and mature in urban environments. When you live in a city you face a few challenges when you want to plant some trees. A city has another environment then the natural environment of trees. It is important that a tree has a lot of space to grow and expand. Therefore, it is important to a bioretention system. This system is designed to use the root soil volume for the trees. A bioretention system take less space than an ordinary bioretention.

The best products to plant trees in the urban environment

When you want to plant trees in an urban environment you need good products. The products of Treebuilders are designed for these environments. They discussed with several professionals for the best solution. This company offers several solutions, like the sandwichconstruction and the TreeParker system. U could use them both for growing the trees. Another option is the bioretention system. This system has two functions, biotention and underground water storage. With these options there is an opportunity to plant a lot of trees in an urban environment.

Get in touch with a tree planting company

Are you interested in one of the solutions of Treebuilders for planting trees in your city? Just get in touch with one of there experts. They can provide tree planting companies with all the information they need. Don’t you know for sure if it’s possible in your situation? They can also assist you in finding the best solution. This company is specialized in the best possible growth conditions for urban trees. They have a lot of experience with tree planting companies. At their website you can look at a few cases they already finished.