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Magnet fishermen retrieve bullets and loaders from weapons in Erembodegem, packed in a Delhaize bag

On Sunday evening around 7 pm in Erembodegem, three magnetfishing hauled several bullets and two chargers for a weapon up from the Dender. The three fishermen had bought their fishing equipment only a few weeks ago, but they had not expected this catch. Two weeks ago they also removed part of a weapon from the water along the Tragel in Aalst. “It was quite a shock when we made the find,” said Gunther Van Den Bremt.

Unsuspectingly, the three threw their line at the Dender in Erembodegem on Sunday evening. A few minutes later they pulled out a bag from the Delhaize. It would be an older type of the bag. When they opened the bag, they were surprised to find that it contained two gun chargers and several bullets. “I was fishing there with my son and a friend when we suddenly pulled out the package,” says Gunther.

The police were immediately notified and arrived on the scene. “There they put everything in a white plastic bag, which was then taken to the desk. Why the charger and the bullets were in the water and exactly how long they have been there is not yet clear. At first glance, there is no link to the Bende van Nivelles. Both chargers were glued together and detached at the police station in Aalst. Presumably it concerns an M1 Carbine and a Browning pistol. Everything was deposited on the prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

3The chargers and bullets the fishermen found.

RVThe chargers and bullets the fishermen found.

The gun’s chargers were already corroded, and the bullets showed signs of corrosion. They have not found the complete weapon themselves, but the fishermen suspect that it must be somewhere nearby. “We were quite shocked when we brought this up”, it sounds. “This was the last thing we would expect here.” Two weeks ago, near the Honda garage in Aalst, the fishermen had also taken part of their weapon out of the water.


Two years ago, on October 30, 2017, two friends from Herdersem also took bullets out of the water at the Dender. At that time it concerned 500 bullets, but these had only recently been dumped. Here too there was no link whatsoever with the Bende van Nivelles. After the bullets were found, the entire Dender was searched by the fire brigade and nothing more was found.