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Focus on analyzing market research


It’s all about the consumer here. Focus on analyzing market research and learn to market products or services successfully and creatively. It is also convenient for you that you really master the most important digital skills. You will also learn how to draw up an accurate marketing and communication plan and how to convince an audience with sales pitches and presentations.

Have you completed this training? Then the consumer and his customer journey no longer hold any secrets. With your creative presentations and strong sales pitches, you know exactly how to play on your target audience. Whether it concerns a professional or private customer. Convince in the right place, at the right time and with the most appropriate (digital) channel? No problem, because thanks to your professional knowledge you know better than anyone what the consumer wants and how you can best achieve it. Your accurate analysis and interpretation of marketing data allows you to argue your decisions professionally. You can successfully market a product or service and you learn how to build and maintain sustainable customer relationships. You can think out of the box and experience how team player skills take you to a higher level.


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Washing the car without scratching: that’s how it works

What should I do if I do not scratch when washing the car? If you remember these two simple words, you will get a beautiful result: product and process. We’ve made a list of do’s and don’ts.

Where is the best place for your car?

The ideal place for car washing is the shade. Washing the car in sunny weather is not a good idea: the soap or shampoo foam dries faster than rinsing and leaves only soap and water stains. Also check that the surface is clean. When the car is washed, the dirt on the floor will splash onto the car.

Which materials should you not use?

Everyone uses them, but this is actually not a good idea:

Sponge, chamois leather, simonis

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