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Protect your business with code lock


We at are your recommended locksmith in Rotterdam. We have gathered some information below about how to best keep your business safe. 

With a code lock, you protect your premises while it’s fast and easy for authorized people to access. The lock gives you fast access without troublesome key management. These types of locks fit well for premises that do not require maximum security, such as changing rooms, storage rooms or entrances to multi-family houses.

We at know that security requirements differ in different types of operations and for different inputs. By installing a code lock, you prevent unauthorized access to your premises while being comfortable for you, your tenants or staff.

Compact code lock

With a compact code lock, you can protect rooms that do not require the highest degree of security, such as changing rooms and entrances to multi-family houses. The lock has a number of thoughtful features such as fault blocking, limited-time code and ability to control one or two doors. They are also very easy to mount.

Code lock with IR transmitter

There is also code lock with built-in IR receiver. These differ from the usual code lock when the port code is transmitted via a remote control instead of a keypad. The change of the IR code automatically occurs with the IR transmitter and facilitates for example property owners who do not need to manage code changes. Functions like debugging and setup function are included.

Compact code lock with encrypted communication

For premises that require a higher security boost than traditional code locks, code locks with encryption feature are available. These locks have the same thoughtful features as other code locks, but with the encryption, they can control the electric lock, electric shock lock and engine lock immediately. It is also possible to connect door to these types of code lock. Because there are no relays in the code lock, the risk of someone trying to manipulate the lock decreases compared to traditional code locks with relays.

Select a lock that suits your business

Does it have to be quick to get in and out? Is the door often used? Does the lock need to be connected to a door system? There are many questions that require answers when it comes to locks. We will help you to find a solution that suits your business needs.