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What is squash exactly?

What is squash?

Squash is a very intense game where two opponents on a court try to beat each other by making the ball bounce twice before the opponent gets there. This means: You have to hit the ball away from your opponent or try to make the quality of your shot as high as possible so that the opponent can’t reach the ball. Each opponent gets the chance to begin the rally by serving the ball after making a point. The opponent that loses a point has to receive the serve while standing inside the surf ball (this is a quarter of the entire court that is placed at the back of the court on both sides).

The person that serves the ball is placed on the other side. On the opposite sidewhere the opponent stands that receives the serve of the person that plays it. This will start the rally. By winning the rally you receive a point and you need 11 points to win a game. Every game has to be won by a two points difference what makes the tension extra high. This is because it is very possible to be 10-10 with your opponent and having to play multiple game balls before you can actually win a game.

Why is squash healthy?

Studies have shown that playing squash is extremely healthy on multiple levels. This goes for things like endurance, agility, power, stamina and actually having the racket skills to win a certain game or type of game. Every player that plays squash is a different player and has his or her own play style. This makes that squash is a very unique type of sport. 

Players that play the game will enjoy it a lot because it will burn a lot of calories in a very short amount of time. Every rally is very explosive and can take up to two minutes what makes it very intensive to play for a longer time. Squash is played in a closed court with walls on every side. The players can use every wall but have to hit to front wall in order to keep the rally going. Being in a closed court makes squash a very safe sport because it is very unlikely for a player to get injured in a painful or harmful way.

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