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You can easily help the environment

Friendly for the environment, sustainable, those are popular terms these days. Especially now that we are experiencing the effects of climate change. As a society we have decided that we all must take part in changing for the better. That way future generations will be able to live happily on this planet just like we can. When you ask people about sustainability, most people are open to changing their ways. But a lot of people think that they have to pay a lot of money and effort to live more environmentally aware. But there are also ways that you can be sustainable without having to pay a lot of money. There are even ways you can save money. For instance you can invest and buy water pump. You might wonder how they can be used. Just like the name says borehole pumps pump water from the ground and filters it. That way you can recycle rain water, which is really sustainable. But besides that your water bill will make a huge decrease. You can also combine it with an electrical heater. Again this is an investment. Your electricity bill will increase as well. But your gas usage will lower, which in the end will be more cost efficient. But most importantly using electricity is better for the environment than using gas. But there is also another option, that does not involve investing in anything. Simply lowering the central heating with a couple degrees. You can compensate by burning wood in a fireplace and warm the house up without using gas. If you feel a bit cold during the winter you can layer up with big sweaters, socks and blankets. This will help create an isolation system around your body, meaning that your body heat will stick to you more. A few degrees can really make a difference in costs. But the environment and future generations will be thankful.