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What to do before you going to rent a car in Italy

Where do we start when we talk about Italy? A modern and cosmopolitan country with an excellent standard of living, superior health and education, countless opportunities in beautiful landscapes, a vibrant cultural country, rich in culture, beauty and history, contrasting with the landscapes of vibrant cities and romantic landscapes. The reasons why millions of visitors decide to visit Italy every year.

Italy is known for its international brand in strategic sectors such as fashion, automotive, marine, design and mechanics. Italian style, innovation, creativity and a love of tradition are all key factors for the country’s success.Rent a car in Italy, come, and discover the extraordinary warmth and hospitality of the Italian people.

Rent a car in Italy and enjoy your trip:

Car rental Italy offers travelers great flexibility to explore the countryside. Motorists can enjoy a wide variety of excursions in rural areas, from lakes to mountains to the coast. Some of the most popular car routes include the Amalfi coast from Naples to Sorrento, the Stevio Pass in South Tyrol, the foothills of Sabina near Rome and the rugged landscapes of Sicily. Thanks to our cheap car rental process in Italy on the website, you will find the ideal car for you. We have large cars designed for family adventures and more compact options for business travel.

Driving in Italy:

Italy has a reputation for being a difficult country to drive, roads are generally in good condition and car rental in Italy is generally good value for money. The driving style may be more aggressive than what non-Italians are used to. All highways operate on a toll system and payment is accepted in cash or by credit card at the exit point of the highway.

Children must be seated in an age-appropriate infant or child seat. It should always be placed in the back of the vehicle, never in the front seat.The official speed limits are 50 km / h in urban and residential areas, 90 km / h or 100 km / h on single-lane highways, 100 km / h on national highways and 130 km / h on Autostrada, the major national highways that connect major cities.

The legal driving age in Italy is 18, but you must have your driving license for at least one year. Most car rental companies will charge you extra if you are a young driver under 25 years of age.Insurance companies set a maximum age limit for car rental in Italy. In general, the age limit is 70 or 75 years, depending on the provider.